Dog Daycare

Do you hate the thought of leaving your pupperino at home all alone while you’re at work?

Worry no more and enroll your canine companion in dog daycare! With the opportunity to make new doggy friends, frolic in our play areas, and soak up all the love and attention for our daycare attendants, your pooch will return home to you at the end of the day delightfully exhausted.

We hold special events, including parties, holiday events, and get-togethers to make dog daycare even more fun for all our canine guests. We also offer discounts for multi-dog households. Call us today and ask us about our special pricing on Day Camp packages!

We take the safety of the pets in our care very seriously, so each dog must first complete a trial day to ensure that they are a good fit for Daycare.

Dogs playing in grass

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dogs tend to be social creatures, and many suffer from separation anxiety.

Cater to your pup’s mental and emotional needs by ensuring many canine and human companions surround your pet each day at dog daycare. And, as a busy pet parent, you may not always have enough time to devote to your dog’s physical exercise requirements, so turn over that task to our daycare attendants and other doggy guests. At the end of the day, your pooch will be tuckered out and happy to have spent the day romping with their best friends. No longer will you come home to a frantic pooch, destroyed furniture, or the need for an hour-long play session to wear out your young pup.


  • We ask that all customers limit the number of toys to 2-3 per pet guest. No rope toys as they are choking hazards.
  • We offer in-house toys like Kongs, Tennis Balls, Frisbees, and Tug Toys to each pet during their stay.


  • We ask that each pet owner bring their pet's bowls ONLY if they require specific bowls for their safety. This could include slow feeders, raised bowls, etc.
  • We offer complimentary food and water bowls for all pet guests and even have our own slow feeders, paper bowls and plastic bowls in-house that we can provide to all of our pet guests.


  • We ask that pet owners NOT bring any bedding for their pet's stay with the exception if their pet(s) require a special type of bed due to medical concerns like arthritis, hip dysplasia, previously torn ACLs, etc.
  • We have complimentary in-house beds and blankets to accommodate all breed sizes and administer these to all pet guests during their stay.


  • Customers are to bring medication for their pet(s) should they require it. All medications, sedatives, supplements, CDB chews are to be brought in the original container per company policy.
  • We have pill pockets and cheese that we can administer these medications with, should the pet parents give us approval upon arrival.



  • Bringing your pet's own food from home can help your fur kid avoid upset tummies due to sudden diet changes. We encourage all pet parents to keep the feeding changes to a minimum, so we happily accommodate special diets, including those containing refrigerated, raw, or canned food. You can bring your pet's food in any form of container, bag, etc. that is most convenient.
  • We have Fromm Kennel Food that we can provide to each pet guest if they choose not to bring their own food from home. It is a daily charge of $3.


  • Customers can bring in their own treats from home with the exception of rawhides, as these are choking hazards.
  • Should pet parents choose not to bring their own treats, we have dozens in our retail that customers can choose from at drop off OR they can choose a few of our Add-On services like a PB Stuffed Kong, Pup Cup, Chicken Dinner, etc.


Daycare Pricing & Packages

Dog Daycare in Bayside

For the ultimate dog daycare in Bayside, Whitestone, Flushing, and the surrounding areas, sign your pup up at North Shore Animal Hospital. We strive to fulfill your pooch’s emotional, mental, social, and physical activity needs through our daycare program, leaving you with a well-socialized, thoroughly exercised, and content pup. Call now to reserve your pet’s spot in our dog daycare program.

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